Sponsorship Program

Our heart and desire is to ultimately be able to provide our services to ministries and missions organizations worldwide, large and small. We realize that many of these smaller organizations may only have a few members on staff and do not have the resources or finances to provide for great design.

Sponsor a Specific Ministry

Thousands of small organizations and teams do outstanding work in our communities at home and in other cities and villages around the globe. But their amazing work come unnoticed. Sometimes providing well-planned and executed design and marketing materials makes it possible for such teams to gain the support and financial infrastructure to continue their mission.
Your church or organization may have missionaries or other ministries under your umbrella that need our help. Would you consider sponsoring them to provide the necessary marketing tools they need? If so, contact us today.

General Donation Bucket

Many of the organizations needing our attention are not under the umbrella of large churches that can provide the necessary services. For these cases, we are providing a “General Donation Bucket”. These funds will go to support marketing and design expenses for well-vetted ministries we accept into our program. Would you consider giving to this program today? Contact us for more information.



*Launch Mission Creative is a for-profit business, and thus any donations are not tax-deductible. Should you like to make it tax deductible, we suggest you give to the specific ministry you would like to support and put them in contact with us.